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Welcome to the Witham & Countryside Society Witham Town Trail homepage. On various buildings around Witham you will find 'Quick Response' (QR) codes (as shown here) which, when scanned using your smartphone, will take you to a page showing a brief history of the building you are looking at and a short history of the town. The Witham Town Trail was launched by the Mayor of Witham on 21st March 2017.



The project is intended to increase the footfall in Witham thereby promoting the town, its history and businesses, and later also the open spaces and amenities of the town. We hope to extend the Town Trail to many more buildings, leisure facilities and open spaces in the future.

The idea for the Trail originally came from The Witham Town Centre Strategy Group, and the Witham & Countryside Society agreed to implement the project.


If the historic building is a business and they have their own website and agreed to join the scheme, you will find a link to take you there.


You can download a QR code scanner to your smartphone free from the main suppliers.

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