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Mondy's Shop and Town Hall.

This occupies part of the shop that for many years has been Mondy's Ironmongers. Originally an early 15th-century hall house altered in the 16th century, the interior has the remains of the 15th-century hall house and a fine crown post. Alterations were carried out in the 18th and 19th centuries when a double shop front was put on under a still-discernible jetty. The upper storey extends over an open cartway, now filled in with a shop front. The smaller shop on its right was the central hall. The property is listed Grade II.


The shop was a chemist from 1862 to 1902, when it became an ironmonger, occupying the whole building. Albert Mondy was originally the manager but took over the business in 1922 and was there until 1950. Since then the shop has had various owners but has retained the name ‘Mondy’.


Only the central part is now the ironmonger's. The left-hand side has been a charity shop, a saddlery, a Polish delicatessen, and a florist. The right-hand side has been an estate agent, a photographic processor, a window blind supplier, and is now The Art and Framing Centre. The Art and Framing Centre was originally the other side of the road at No 82. It was taken over by the current owner in 1999 and later moved to this building in January 2013.


The photograph below shows the building after Albert Mondy had taken over.

Mondy's Shop Newland St. Circa 1925.
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