46 - 54 Church Street

These Grade II listed buildings were built by Matthew Lurkin about 1700, and one was converted to a shop in the 19th century. Frederick Hasler ran it as a grocery and general store from 1910 to 1930. William Pendle then took over until after the last war when he retired. After that, a number of owners ran the business until 1989 when it was converted back to two cottages.

The cottages were built on land owned by the Southcote family of Witham Place, to whom ground rent was a 'good fat turkey' every January 1st, to be delivered to the door of Witham Place'. They were built with lath and plaster although brick was becoming more usual at this time particularly in Newland Street.

The postcard view below shows the terrace in the early 20th century.

Sources: Janet Gyford; Tom Henderson; Heritage England; Witham & Countryside Society.

Text and Photographs: John Palombi and Cyril Taylor unless otherwise accredited. Illustrations: John Finch and Julie & John Denney. Translations: Original Concept: Joy Vaughan, Witham Town Centre Strategy Group. Narration: John Rhodes

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