Index and Map

Chipping Hill

RS   Railway Sation

SM  Station Maltings

1       Pinkham's Gloves

2      The Railway

4      The Grange

8      Temples

10     Temple Villas

14     Recess

15     Earlsmead and Brookcote

16     Bramstons

WH  Seed Warehouses

35    Barnardiston House

18    The Old Forge

37    Oaklands

2c    The White Horse

4c    Houses

16c   Shops

22c  Old School

30c  Old Workhouse

40c  School

46c  Cottages

11c  House

7c    The Woolpack

Ch   St. Nicolas Church

OV  The Old Vicarage

30   Cottages

24   Mortimers & Mole End

22   Cottages

41   Littlefields

43   The Old House

45   The Old Post Office

53   The Manor House

B1   Chipping Hill Bridge

2p   The Old Mill House

B2   Moat Farm Bridge

40b  Morrisons

Text and Photographs: John Palombi and Cyril Taylor unless otherwise accredited. Illustrations: John Finch and Julie & John Denney. Translations: Original Concept: Joy Vaughan, Witham Town Centre Strategy Group. Narration: John Rhodes

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