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Line drawing of Witham Town Hall.

Mill Lane Meadows

This part runs from Guithavon Road to Bridge Street, mainly between the river and the Maltings Academy on one side, and a meadow and the bowling green on the other.

The path separates a little way along, and in one direction with the cycleway, continues between the river and the school along a fairly narrow gap. The other path takes you over the river by a small pedestrian bridge, alongside a flower meadow and the bowling green, with a path to Mill Lane, and then back over the river to join the main path close to the site of the old Bramston Sports Centre, and then continues to Bridge Street. Close to the houses backing onto the river is a brick wall on the river bank, this is the site of an old tannery where the river was used to wash the skins and dispose of the waste product, causing some pollution and smell at the time. The site adjacent to the River Walk here is awaiting development possibly into a supermarket and sheltered housing.

Sources: Witham & Countryside Society; Ruth and Ron Fosker; Janet Gyford.

Timber framing of Witham Town Hall.
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