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Line drawing of Witham Town Hall.


This part of the River Walk (Ebenezer Close to Chipping Hill) features amenity grassland as well as areas set out for wildlife, including sedge beds, scrub, woodland, and ruderals. There are also some natural springs in this area. The original Witham Spa of the 18th century was located close to this part of the River Walk.

This northern part of the walk is mainly laid to a natural habitat, with a footpath from Chipping Hill to Bramble Road, Chipping Dell and Ebenezer Close. A cycleway runs from Bramble Road to Ebenezer Close. Care should be taken at Chipping Hill as the path finishes directly onto the road by Chipping Hill Bridge.

Sources: Witham Town Council; Witham & Countryside Society; Ruth and Ron Fosker; Janet Gyford.

Timber framing of Witham Town Hall.
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